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I'm not too bright, and have a question about MIDI and computers

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  • I'm not too bright, and have a question about MIDI and computers

    I have a Rodgers 525 with a PR-300S. Can I connect my computer running miditizer (or organ assist, or hauptwerk) so that the theater sound of miditizer can be used on the midi stops of the organ to generate sound at the keydesk?If so how can I do this, and please start at the very beginning. I know next to nothing about MIDI and organs.

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    Re: I'm not too bright, and have a question about MIDI and computers

    There's nothing to stop you running Miditzer or any other virtual organ from a MIDI-equipped console. I don't know the 525 so can't help you much there, but I guess you'd have to register the Miditzer from its screen-based stops(by mouse clicking or touch screen) rather than by individual stops on the Rodgers. I think, though, that you may be referring to control stops such as 'MIDI on Great', which would give the ability to switch MIDI on and off on a manual by manual basis. You may also be able to trigger combination pistons in Miditzer from the pistons on the console.</p>

    Have you joined up at the Miditzer Forum and read the threads on 'getting to base camp'? All you ever need to know will be there and don't worry about knowing nothing about MIDI and organs. You soon will do!</p>

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