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New(ish) MIDI only sequencer - freeware.

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  • New(ish) MIDI only sequencer - freeware.

    Hello everybody,

    As a complete newbie to the forum, but not to MIDI I hasten to add, I thought as my first post I would inform you about a new(ish) MIDI only sequencer (remember Cakewalk v3?) that I discovered a year or so back. It's written by a Japanese programmer, Kuzu, but also supports English, and has an English (?) manual in pdf.

    It's called Sekaiju and can be found here: http://openmidiproject.sourceforge.jp/Sekaiju_en.html together with some screen pictures and a download link to all the past versions as well as the latest.

    The latest version 2.5 is pretty good and I'm finding it stable. I'm running it on Windows XP.

    It has the distinction of showing ALL the MIDI events in the file apart, naturally, from the Delta Times.
    It gives the usual Track view, Piano Roll and Event List views and has recently been updated with a Notation view.
    One can also draw in continuous controllers curves at the foot of the Piano Roll window.
    It certainly doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the likes of Sonar or Cubase but it also doesn't have the massive footprint of these behemoths.
    It does not handle audio at all, which makes it a tiny program.
    Think of it as a lightweight MIDI file handler and you won't go far wrong.

    Having said lightweight, it can do most of the things one would like in a Freeware sequencer.
    It certainly provides competition to Anvil, the only other freeware program I know of.

    I'll go back to reading the previous posts now!

    Hope that's of use to someone.