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Piston Midi Data

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  • Piston Midi Data

    Allen and others send piston data as program change on midi channel 8. Do any of you have further information on this? I need to create a converter to interface with this.

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    Re: Piston Midi Data

    What are you trying to do with the messages? Be able to save stop information so the file can be played on a different organ or interface it to another instrument.

    One very useful piece of software is MIDI-OX. This is free and can be used to monitor the data being sent by the organ when stops and pistons are changed. It can also be setup to translate the MIDI data.

    It shouldn't be hard to monitor the MIDI data and determine what is going on in the organ. PC messages are very simple but if the organ sends SYS EX messages, then it gets into another bag of worms.