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Setting up Roland Organ keyboard by PC Midi sequencer

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  • Setting up Roland Organ keyboard by PC Midi sequencer

    I am trialling some sheet music viewing software from sightread

    THe software also allows you to embed a midi for each song

    It would be great if it were possible to record a midi on the organ which included control changes for setting up the panel voices ready for playing along (eg: a registration)

    THis is possible internally via the COMPOSER , if i record an SMF and play back via the COMPOSER it works fine , but this is somewhat limiting , it would be of more use to play the SMF from the PC (and use the PC to control the Atelier via the music view softeare).

    I have tried playing the SMF using windows media player , but sadly although it plays notes etc and the correct sounds for midi parts it doesn't set up the organ (even though the control messages are there , since it works via the Ateliers own internal COMPOSER).

    I contacted Roland , and they suggest setting Midi In Mode to 2 , and refer to the section that the organ has limitations on the midi in messages it responds to .

    I am currently downloading a free trial of Ableton to try and record fromn the PC rather than COMPOSER in case that makes any difference

    Just thought i would post this rather technical question in case any one has tried this with either success or failure....

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    I do not record very often but a couple of years ago I was messing about trying to record the organ using Cubase and discovered that it recorded everything but the registration changes. I decided that this was rather good because I could then play the file from Cubase back into the organ and record the resulting sound output from the line outs of the organ. As this was happening all I had to do was press the registration buttons at the correct time. For me this was much more acccurate than pressing them while playing! Fine if the end result needed is a sound file.


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      You want to be in the native Roland mode for recording and playback. I think you'll find that the 12 preset pistons may then send out Programme Changes 1 - 12. The organ will then respond to these on playback, so you obviously need to have the correct registration bank loaded in for playback.

      That's all you'll get from any organ. To send and receive data for individual stop changes would entail masses of programming for Roland engineers as it would have to done with System Exclusive data. That costs money and for the handful of people who might use it globally (Atelier owners usually just play!) it's not worth it for them.

      As KRG says, if you want a recording as the end result, it's just as easy to sit at the organ and press the pistons as usual.
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        The inbuilt MIDI recorder in Hauptwerk version 4 records registration (and expression) for the sample set being used. The files when shared can be played back by others with the same sample set. As per Andyg's post, this is accomplished with sysex messages for the stops, so produces valid stop output only for those using the same sample set.