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Ahlborn Archive Modules

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  • Ahlborn Archive Modules

    Does anybody know where I can purchase an Ahlborn Archive Module in the USA?
    I want to hook it up to my Roland C-180 keyboard.
    Also, does anybody *HAVE* and Ahlborn Archive Module, and how do you like it?

    References: http://www.ahlborn-galanti.com/archivemod.htm
    I want to expand the stops on this keyboard.
    (I noticed Ahlborn doesn't offer a whole lot, but... I gotta do somethin!

    [STOP LAFFIN! it's all I can afford!!! :"( ]


    Please reply to me at CindyBradyTooh at yahoo.com. I prefer E-mails to reading boards.

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    Re: Ahlborn Archive Modules

    Look at these alternatives:
    http://www.hauptwerk.co.uk/ Classical organ
    http://jorgan.sourceforge.net/ Classical and theatre organ
    http://www.VirtualOrgan.com/ Theatre organ


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      Re: Ahlborn Archive Modules

      Jim's advice is excellent. If you can afford an Ahlborn module or any module, you can afford Hauptwerk version 1. With the keyboard and Hauptwerk, you'll be rockin' or Bachin' in no time at a fraction of the cost of a module.

      If your heart is set on an Ahlborn module, they come up on the following from time to time:

      Good luck!


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        Re: Ahlborn Archive Modules

        Well, I thought they were cheap, but found out they are expensive. So, no go for me. I thought they might be $250 or so, but found they are more like $1500. No way for me! (Unless somebody comes up with a cheap way to get one!

        I didn't think of the computer organs, because my computer is about 5 years old, and not fast enuff to run them. I just got another computer, and if I move the memory up to 4 GB, I guess I could run them on the new computer. I guess that's the cheapest way out.

        Whaddya think? ~Cindy!


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          Re: Ahlborn Archive Modules

          The virtual organs that use sound fonts like the Miditzer and jOrgan will run just fine on the 5 year old computer without large memory. Just add a SoundBlaster Live! for about $30.