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  • OrganAssist

    While some of you Hauptwerk folks are probably all over this program already, I want to put a plug out there for OrganAssist, a free PC MIDI program for recording and sequencing organ music, If all the rest seem complex and too feature rich for you, OrganAssist may be just what you are looking for.

    You get to design an organ on screen that matches what your instrument looks like, with the stoplist and layout you want. You then train it to recognize the MIDI that your organ produces, and to set up the stop list, but it's well worth your time, I think!

    It takes a while to figure that out, but David Glover, the programmer, was very helpful with advice on getting the MIDI codes mapped out correctly... It doesn't produce a MIDI file directly, but will capture your entire playing sequence for replay and then creates real-time MIDI from the captured information when you play it back. Great Stuff! You can import a MIDI file for playback as well, but the native OrganAssist stream captured will record all the registration changes, the expression pedals, and (of course) your playing!


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    Re: OrganAssist

    I downloaded Organ Assist, but I didn't do anything with it. Perhaps I should take a second look. Thanks for the heads up.