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Hoax and a newer Cx3

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  • Hoax and a newer Cx3

    Ok so I have a newer cx3 with a lower manual I built very similar to the lower manual for the xk3 system. I was wondering about getting a Hoax board to replace the cx3's. I know the lower manual I have is a Fatar board so it should be able to be plugged directly into the hoax and I'm almost positive the upper manual on the cx3 is a fatar as well, so no problem there. My main concern is the drawbars, perc, and C/v on the cx3 and if I will be able to use these with the hoax or if I would have to purchase different ones? Ideally I would want to use everything I already have and just swap the hoax with the board in the cx3 but without ruining the cx3 incase I ever wanted to switch it back to stock. Oh and also if I can use the preset buttons already on the cx3 to operate as the preset buttons for the hoax. I know I'll lose the leslie sim but I'm already planning on getting a vent so no worries there. If anyone could help me understand these issues I would greatly appreciate it as I'm not the most electronically savvy. If it's too complex of a mod for me to do I can always pay a local shop to do it but I really just want to know how much gear from the cx3 I can use if any.
    Thanks in advance

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    so if anyone is wondering, I spent hours looking at the schematics of each the other day and concluded that there's no reason that my drawbars, c/v knob, and perc buttons shouldn't work. I am going to have to wire cables to connect them though as the housings are not the same and the pins themselves are in a different order compared to each other.