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Bad polyphony/sound on new jOrgan setup

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  • Bad polyphony/sound on new jOrgan setup

    I have installed jOrgan 3.16b with the English Cathedral disposition 1.04--4 keyboards & pedal. I currently have 2 Yamaha YPT220 keyboards. I have one connected to the midiport on soundcard emu1212 to the great, the other thru USB uno to the solo. I can get the keyboards to play together and individually for awhile, but quickly the solo starts to disappear or get very erratic, and the great also starts to die. The broken-up sound was identical on the monitor keyboard for the Solo and Great. I don't seem to be able to designate the channel for the solo--it occupies #1 with the great--the program won't recognize the keyboard on channel 2, 3, or 4 if I select these. This must be causing a conflict with polyphony?! After playing around for awhile, I noticed the solo had an invalid velocity error of 81--and the program erased the solo keyboard on the monitor. I reinstalled the disposition, but the conflict is starting up again. I have the latest beta version of jOrgan. Sound to 100watt 5.1Onyko receiver and HiFI system is connected to output of emu1212.
    1) will the two separate inputs automatically cause a conflict--that is, one usb, the other thru the soundcard?
    2) what is the proper channel assignment for a 4m+pedal organ, or EC 1.04?
    3) do I need all USB or all midiport/soundcard inputs?
    4) I notice that this emu1212 soundcard is not on the "working list" in the jOrgan install PDF. Am I going to have to acquire another soundcard? This is a double card (one plugged in, the harnessed to it)
    5) which soundcard is the most available and affordable?
    6) Computer is Inspiron 530 with 6G RAM dual processor, running Window Vista 64bit, latest version of Java.
    7) I have installed the free version of Hauptwerk with St. Ann's Mosely and Paramount Theater organ. I notice the sound degradation here too, but the built in meters for RAM and polyphony don't indicate a problem.
    8) I will shortly have a pedal and 2 more keyboards. I need to know which direction to go before I get into a bigger mess. I would appreciate any help I can get with these problems.

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    Hi Ken,
    For everyone elses benefit I should point out that Ken and I have been discussing VTO subjects for a few weeks now. My experience with jOrgan is limited, so hopefully others can expand on the advice I've given so far. To the questions:

    1) I routinely operate multiple USB interfaces in the process of developing the free software that I publish to help folks get a running start if they want to program their own MIDI encoders. Different interfaces get along fine, at least with the MIDI signals. The only issues I've seen have been with multiple identical interfaces where the order in which Windows recognizes the interfaces can be unpredictable. This can cause issues such as a pair of keyboards getting reversed. It might be important to disable any other sound cards including those on the motherboard. I successfully run both an E-MU 1820 interface and an onboard audio interface with no problems.

    2) There are conventions for assigning MIDI channel numbers, but these are not requirements. Hauptwerk suggests starting with MIDI channel 1 for the pedals (channel 0 in software) and proceeding to great on channel 2, swell on 3, etc. Miditzer is different (don't recall), but the systems I've seen all allow for any variations in these schemes.

    3) Similar to question 1. You may freely mix MIDI via USB and MIDI that goes through a PCI oe PCIe interface.

    4) The E-MU1212m works well with Miditzer so I would assume that would be good news as both jOrgan and Miditzer normally use fluidsynth to play the audio samples.

    I hope a couple of jOrgan users will jump in. I've downloaded jOrgan just recently and have enjoyed experimenting with it enough to know it works well on my i7 computer running win7. I have had issues with various applications needing different java versions so perhaps there's a java issue going on on your machine. If I get a chance I'll try jOrgan on my laptop and see what happens. The laptop is a Core2Duo T6500 so that might give different results.

    EDIT: Additionally, having learned that the UNO interface is being used I've suggested in an offline email that the UNO interface be replaced due to multiple reports of problems with it from members of the Hauptwerk community.