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  • Midi Sound Question

    I have begun playing at a church that uses a Roland digital piano in place of an organ. I want to use it as a midi controller to play a virtual organ with more capabilities, but I need to know if it is possible to plug the virtual organ sound from the computer's line out to the audio in rca plugs on the piano. Would it play the organ sound through the Roland's amp?

    Thanks for your help.

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    If it has RCA INPUTs then yes you should be able to play the computer through the Roland piano. I suggest going to Roland's website and downloading the manual for the particular model piano that you are using. It should have a section on "Connecting other/external devices" that looks something like this:

    My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here: http://www.organforum.com/forums/sho...l=1#post427320


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      But my concern is whether when I use that same piano as a controller, it will mute any audio coming out of the speakers. Would I need a separate amp?


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        The way these usually work is that the volume slider on the piano only controls the feed from the piano module to the internal power amp.
        The RCA inputs go directly to the power amp bi-passing the Roland volume fader.
        So the volume slider on the piano controls your piano volume and the volume knob on your organ module controls your organ volume.
        The RCA jacks have no provision for disconnects, as would say a TRS quarter inch jack.

        If you have a more general purpose module this allows you to layer strings on piano, or vocal oohs on piano...
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          That's good, then. Thanks.