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Hauptwerk organ downloads

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  • Hauptwerk organ downloads

    I'm pretty excited about the Hauptwerk system. I haven't purchased it yet because I am wondering just how many organs are available, what are there quality and what prices are we talking about. I have seen some for between $100-$400. I have searched the organ forum and of course google. I wonder if I am missing any free Hauptwerk organs.

    Here are some of the sites related to Hauptwerk or expanding the sound of your midi organ which I have encountered. If you have any related links please post them too.


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    Re: Hauptwerk organ downloads

    Glad to hear of your excitement. I am, what I like to call, a "certifiable organ nut". And most of my "nuttitude" is satisfied by Hauptwerk. I discovered it about three years ago. I have four or five free organs, and I purchased one, the three-manual version of the Schantz at First Baptist in Riverside, CA. I like this organ a lot as I am used to the "American eclectic" sound. This one fills the bill for me. Of course, I made some modifications to the stoplist. The only two stops I got rid of were the two Pedal Nachthorns. I just didn't like their sound.

    I hope you realize that your chance to buy Ver. 1.23 is quickly running out. When Ver. 2 of the Hauptwerk software is released, Ver. 1 will NOT be available for separate purchase. At U$90, Ver. 1 is a real bargain. If you buy Ver. 1 and subsequently buy Ver. 2, there will be no penalty during the introductory period.

    Do you know of the Hauptwerk Forum? There you can find many answers to question, and you can also ask your own. I'm "BachsFugue" on Hauptwerk Forum.

    As for quality, I have found nothing but the highest quality from sample producers. Even the free ones (I especially like the Ott-Orgel) are excellent. One of the many Hauptwerkians has written a small utility called "PipeTune" which allows you to tune an organ to any number of the historical tunings. You can even make new stops from existing stops by changing the pitch.

    Can you tell that I am enthusiastic about Hauptwerk? My web site (although it is not finished) can be found here: http://members.aol.com/bachsfugue/. Here's the MIDI Organ Resource too.


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        Re: Hauptwerk organ downloads

        Great replies. I tried the 5 rank Otel organ against my Pentium III, 256Mb Ram. Crud!

        I have a P4 2.4Ghz with 512Mb ram but I am running LInux as my home automation / mp3 / security / everything server.

        I'll have to research using those resources you provided (thanks). My concern is that I need to buy a P4 computer, $90 license (or put up with triangle tone), and $400 Hauptwerk full organ download in order to really see what it will do! My Allen MDS-1 and Expander has decent native practice organ sounds. I am enterested in Hauptwerk to take over where the Allen sounds leave off.

        Thanks for the replies!


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          Re: Hauptwerk organ downloads

          I have updated the Hauptwerk Forum link. It's a new URL.

          I just shelled out the money to upgrade to Hauptwerk Ver. 2. I am quite impressed with the few samples on the Hauptwerk web site. I was particularly struck with the example with the tremulant engaged: stunning!

          Now to see if my computer is up to it.