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Crazy question: recording A100 using Logic's Rotary sim

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  • Crazy question: recording A100 using Logic's Rotary sim

    Howdy... got a bit of a conundrum, and despite 23 years of advanced Logic use, this has me stumped. I want to record my A100 live into Logic while using Logic's Rotary plugin. I don't have a Leslie at this current spot, and I've got a killer channel strip set up for this. And no, I don't want to use a Ventilator or other hardware sim - nothing I've heard sounds as good as the new Leslie model in Logic X once you tweak it - not even the Ventilator (I have a Mk2).

    I'm using a Leslie half moon switch wired to my controller keyboard, which converts that to MIDI CC data to switch the Rotary plugin's speed. So far so good.

    The problem is that Logic is only recording the audio - not the MIDI switching for Leslie speeds. So when I play back, the speed never changes.

    Any thoughts? I know my way around Logic's Environment layer - I used to build crazy SysEx editors in there. I'm sure there's an easy way to do this but I can't come up with one!

    Thanks in advance!

    Jim Daneker
    keys/MD, Michael W. Smith

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    If you're recording only the audio from the organ, it presumably won't record the MIDI CC data at the same time.(Or can you record an audio track at the same time as a MIDI track - in which case, do!) I haven't used Logic since they made it Mac-only!

    Can you not record the audio straight, without FX, then add the FX as an insert, putting in the rotary speed changes as required? That's how I do it when using Native's B4 rotary sim as an insert FX. The downside is that you can't hear that leslie effect while you're playing in live, but that's something that I've learnt to live with.

    There may be another solution, I can't think of one off the top of my head, but it's midnight here and I'm tired and off to bed!
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      Thanks @andyg - but I found out how to do it in real time without having to overdub controller moves after the fact - we all know that's no fun and hardly inspiring! All you do is set track automation to "Write" before you start recording audio; any mapped controllers will record along with the incoming audio. Super easy. By the way, I'd be happy to share some killer Logic channel strips for doing this with a real Hammond, as well as a killer emulation using GSI's VB3. Amazing how far these have come!




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        Hi Jim, I'd be very interested in your Logic channel strips, I'm currently using a Vent II to record my A-102 into Logic, which sounds great. I have tried both the Spin Control on the pedalboard and the Rotor as well, instead of the vent, but never managed to get a convincing result, but I'd be interested to make this work.
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          Hi there @jmrukkers - I'd be glad to share it. I'll PM you. There are several components that all work together to make it great - you need the right overdrive stage, which is subject to taste of course - you'll see the plugins in the channel strip. You will also have to map an external controller to Logic's 'Rotor' plugin in order to change speeds. Once you get it set up I think you'll dig it. I'm insanely picky - my benchmark is Michael W. Smith's B3/147 combo I've played for years; we bought it from Peter Frampton and I've never heard better. I've also used it on his records, and in a track, I think this is right up there. I'll be selling my Vent II - it's that good...


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            Thanks for sharing these Jim, these are great, I like the stereo spread and the reverb you built into these, works really well, I'll be spending some time tweaking!
            Much appreciate your sharing these - Joe
            Hammond A-102 (1963), Neo Ventilator II, Nord C1, Elkatone 610 Leslie Clone


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              Glad you like them! The stereo spread plugin is optional for me... I used that with the Vent because the stereo image of that pedal isn't as wide as I was used to with the real thing. It definitely helps in a track if you want that super-wide thing. And yeah, play with the mix level on the reverb plugin - that essentially pushes your virtual Leslie further back in the room. Good stuff


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                Hi Jim, I've been playing with the setup you suggested, making some minor changes - I now use the Distortion II / Growl Distortion Light instead of the Overdrive, which has a more 'tuby' feel to it. Fwiw, here's a recording using this setup: Shooting The Breeze

                Thanks again for your suggestions.
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                Hammond A-102 (1963), Neo Ventilator II, Nord C1, Elkatone 610 Leslie Clone


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                  That's great! Yeah, playing with preamp options on the front end makes all the difference and can yield all kinds of interesting results