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Strange organ sound

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  • Strange organ sound

    Hi, my first post. If you scroll down on this Retro Organ Suite webpage to Retrocorda and play the demo, the last one is an organ sound that I've heard before somewhere, like in an old black and white movie. It has a strange fantasy like sound to it. Does anyone know of any old organ that it might be associated with?


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    The site says it was created with '60's vintage Philips Philicorder.

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      I saw that, but I think that sound can be made with other organs. It has a lot of reverb, too.


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        Listening to the Retrocorda track, let me assure you that no little Philicorda I ever played back in the 70s could make those sounds without a fair degree of help. Distortion, chorus, digital reverb, etc etc - there's an awful lot of non-original sound there! I'm assuming that the software can also produce a clean version of all the organs it emulates.

        The Philicorda had its own, rather cheesy, thin sound. Pretty awful, to be honest, but we'd now view that as a plus factor for its retro appeal. It was always sold as a little home organ (with bigger brothers including a church model), though it's now found its own niche as a 'combo organ'. I'm sure there were plenty of poor quality Italian organs that could make similar sounds back them, Eko, Elgam, Welson and the like. THE combo organs were, of course, makes like Vox, Farfisa and Jennings. The others were also-rans in their day, IMHO.
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          Here it is here. There seems to be a lot of reverb on it and some other effects like phase shifter or chorus.


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            Yes a very thin sound ,I think I'll stick with the Hammond sound