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Using an iPad as a midi sequencer

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  • Using an iPad as a midi sequencer

    When I got my iPad I thought it would be nice to use it as a midi sequencer, as it would be much more portable than the old 1980's Roland hardware sequencer I am currently using. I am a choir director and sequence piano accompaniments for the choir. I bought a USB to MIDI cable connector, and tried out a few inexepensive sequencer apps, but could not get it to work with my Clavinova. Has anyone had any success with this? Do I need to purchase the expensive Cakewalk program just to use it as a simple sequencer?

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    Perhaps this will help



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      I have used the iRig MID2 interface with an iPad 3. It is not the cheapest interface, but it does seem to work. We have used it with Church Music Solutions app for one Lenten service. But I have also experimented with the app that comes with the iRig and it works for recording/playback.