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Novation Launchpad malfunction

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  • myorgan
    commented on 's reply
    I'm sorry no one has responded to your post in the last month or two. Personally, I've never used Launchpad S, and therefore an unable to assist. Perhaps my response will bump the thread and bring it to everyone's attention.

    I, too, am interested in learning the answer. Stupid question, but have you searched the Internet for an answer to your question of resetting the firmware?


  • Jim U
    Another Launchpad S is malfunctioning. Does anyone know how to reset the firmware? It must be something other than hardware. The problem is that every 3rd and 6th columns sends 3 midi messages (just like the last malfunctioning one did). I don't have Ableton, which I presume can reconfigure the thing. Now I bought another ebay unit (which works properly).

    Very frustrating. I know a lot of people use these with Hauptwerk VPO's. Someone must have encountered this.

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  • Jim U
    started a topic Novation Launchpad malfunction

    Novation Launchpad malfunction

    I ran into an unusual problem with one of my Launchpads (not much I can do about it, it seems). The first, fourth, and seventh columns of buttons are sending multiple MIDI messages. Usually "key on/off" for it and the next two buttons. This Launchpad S had worked perfectly for about 2 years as a coupler rail for my Hauptwerk practice organ.
    I just wonder if anyone else has seen this.
    Still using it. I just re-did my overlay to avoid these buttons. Later I bought a spare from EBay (They go for about $50.)