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    Yes, Maas-Rowe did produce an F to F keyboard. Here's site with photos: https://www.hammondclub.nl/nl/menu/H...n?highlight=x2

    There is a slight chance that Maas-Rowe could provide a keyboard, since they still have some replacement parts for their older products. Contact Maas-Rowe from their website: http://www.maasrowe.com/ Expect the keyboard to be ridiculously expensive if you can find one.

    For used ones, the usual searches apply: google, ebay, Craigslist. Include Vibrachime as a possible search term.

    The problem with re-keying a G-G keyboard is that F-F requires a top C-shaped key (i.e., parallel sides with no cutout for an adjacent sharp). That particular key shape wasn't required for a G-G keyboard.


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      Check out: http://www.percussionservicesltd.com...nto-chime.html for photos of the Deagan version.


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        Click image for larger version

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        Hi Toodles.

        I checked out Percussion Services Limited, and the Schulmerich ChimeATron they have in their collection is exactly the same model I have! So this first instrument has now been correctly identified which makes its restoration on track for completion.

        As you have a ChimeATron too, do you know whether the power transformer has a 240VAC input tap for use in countries with this electricity supply such as Australia or the UK? (The Schulmerich was purchased from the USA and is still wired up to operate on 110VAC, which means I have to use an external step-down transformer every time I hook it up.) The relay situated nearby and on the right side (front) of the built-in amplifier is also making a horrible buzzing noise and needs replacing! Can you suggest a modern (e.g. solid state) equivalent, and maybe attach a catalog illustration so I can try to acquire one over here?

        For the second instrument - the unrestored Deagan (see attached images above), the keyboard is also identical to the Company's Canto-Chime model; but the chime bars are not! It makes the instrument a "bit of everything"!

        The description for this "bit of everything" is that (a) its wooden cabinet is almost identical to that of the ChimeATron; (b) it sports a Canto-Chime original [G-G] keyboard; and (c) the chime bars are non-original F-F which could be from a Maas-Rowe. So this leaves me with a huge dilemma:

        1. Do I retain the F-F chime bars and try looking for a Maas-Rowe Vibrachime [F-F] keyboard; or

        2. Replace the existing set of chime bars with a G-G setup to match the correct Deagan keyboard I have?

        Unfortunately, as far as the Deagan is concerned, I now have to tidy up the "mess" left behind by one of the previous owners, and which I'm not too happy about! But I will check out the websites you mentioned and see what those guys are offering. Guess this must be a logical starting point anyway as I've nothing to lose by trying them!

        As I'm new to the world of chimes, I'm going to need all the help I can get. Is there anyone out there in cyberspace who could start the ball rolling?
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          Click image for larger version

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          I'm attaching here images of my [Schulmerich] ChimeATron if anyone is interested what it looks like and is in its pre-restoration condition.

          The images of the chime bars are in support of the queries I've asked [in my last entry on this thread] regarding the power transformer and [very] suspect relay!
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            The Chime-A-Tron model that I have is a different one--it has a metal case, no amplifier, and no -speaker, so it's construction of the amp and power supply are entirely different than yours.

            I don't have enough technical information to advise you much further.

            Your best bet would be to look for a chimes or carillon users group on line--I think I ran across one some time ago.

            Schober Organ sold a Chime-A-Tron unit similar to mine, and they have an orphan's group in Yahoo--there are some knowledgeable people there who might provide some guidance. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SchoberOrphans/info


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              Thanks, Toodles.

              I'll try the Schober Organ group and see what they have. Meanwhile, is there anyone else in cyberspace who can assist me from this point onwards?


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                To anyone out there [in cyberspace], I need your assistance.

                Earlier in this thread, I mentioned that I was going to acquire a MIDI kit for my chimes - and I did: from a US software company called Artisan in Kenmore, USA.

                The retrofit kit did arrive in today's mail delivery; but horror of horrors, there were no connecting/installation instructions in the box!

                If anyone has such a kit fitted to his/her chimes, may I bother you to send me a copy of the instructions through the Forum via private message, please? I'm going to start work on fitting the kit tomorrow and would need the said directives to get started.

                Thanks again!
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                  I believe that the documentation for their products can be found on their website, but you're not likely to find detailed and specific instructions for a given application. There may be Forum members who can advise you on how to connect things. You might wish to start by posting what Artisan products you are referring to.

                  Should also point that posting your email address on the open Internet is an invitation to hackers and spammers. People can contact you through the Forum via private message or email without your personal information being revealed.

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                    To Admin. Thanks for the tip. I've now edited my entry above to read just that! :-)

                    I can't find the hookup instructions I need for the MIDI kit, so will have to rely on the goodwill of others to help me to surmount this problem.

                    Earlier in this thread, I attached images of the Schulmerich chimes that the MIDI kit is to be fitted to. It's all I have at this time, alas! ...


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                      Perhaps I am missing something here. Why wouldn't you request the installation sheet directly from Artisan? The reason I ask that is that I'm looking for several MIDI boards and if they do not support the product they sell with appropriate documentation on the board I'm not likely to consider their product.
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                        Originally posted by AllenAnalog View Post
                        ... if they do not support the product they sell with appropriate documentation on the board I'm not likely to consider their product.
                        Artisan provides copious amounts of information on their products via their website and will, of course, answer questions about hookup if you ask them. They do not, as far as I know, include a hookup diagram with each individual unit shipped--it would be redundant since most installations use multiples of the various items.

                        If Mr. Dubois will read the Admin's post, it asks him to post the Artisan model. If we had that, one of us could then find the reference on Artisan's site and advise him where to find it. But without a specific model, all I can really suggest is that he search on Artisan's site. As Admin indicates, Artisan probably can't provide specific hookup info for a given application (i.e., how to hook it up to a Chime-A-Tron) but just generic info (i.e., how their MIDI Output card can drive a generic load).

                        I suspect Mr. Dubois may needs step-by-step instructions--something he's not too likely to find.


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                            Hi everyone.

                            Well, would you believe it: I have just received the installation diagrams from Artisan; and it appears to be pretty straightforward [only if you know what you're looking at].

                            What they didn't supply was a PCB to accommodate the 25 relays required for the actuators. But that's not an insurmountable problem: I bought strip prototype boards from my local hobby electronics store and will use that to mount the solid state relays.

                            Will post the progress of the installation right here in this thread for anyone following this saga. I can forward the installation diagrams to anyone who is also contemplating MIDI-fying his chimes.
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                              Hi there.

                              Does anyone know how to re-program a new MIDI channel for the Artisan MIDI retrofit kit? The MIDI channel on the Organ is different, which means that the chimes can't be played using the [Organ] keyboard.

                              Is there an on-line program I can download to enable me to do this?

                              Thanks if anyone can assist.