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NanoKontrol2 in Reaper - Midi worked for knobs but not sliders

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  • NanoKontrol2 in Reaper - Midi worked for knobs but not sliders

    I just got the NanoKontrol2. I reset it to factory (press track left/right/cycle together). I then loaded up VB3 and found that it would learn the NanoKontrol2 knobs but not the sliders. I always try to keep drivers and software to a minimum so haven't yet loaded the NanoKontrol2 midi driver from Korg or the editor. Do I need to do one or both to get the sliders to control the drawbars? Or is there some other setting in Reaper or VB3 that will enable me to "teach" those drawbars how to slide B-)

    BTW, this forum was instrumental in directing me to GSI to download the VB3 demo and subsequently buy it. I've been hoping for years that someday I would achieve near B3 sound with a synth and this is it.

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    I figured it out. I read the VB3 manual from start to finish. On nearly the last page it tells you that CC#0 can't be assigned (its the NanoKontrol2 default value for slider 1). BTW, the manual is well written and informative.

    I did load the Korg editor for the NanoKontrol2. I decided (might revisit) to use the Korg Kontrol editor to assign the sliders to unused CC# 102-109 (used knob above 8th slider for drawbar 9). The other good thing about running the Kontrol editor is to change the buttons from momentary to latching for the percussion and other rocker switches.

    I assigned the record button to latching mode for the leslie slow to fast / fast to slow toggle.

    I set other 7 knobs above the sliders to control Vibrato, Drive, Edge, Keyclick, Reverb and Tone

    I assigned the Arm Record buttons (R) to the on/off switches

    I found this CC list onlinehttp://nickfever.com/music/midi-cc-list.

    I'm not sure I needed to install the Korg driver but decided since most times the manufacturer driver is better. It was dated 9/22/2017 and specifically for Windows 10.

    On the last page of the manual are the default CC# values for each slider, knob and rocker switch.


    VB3 Default Midi Control Change Assignments on Flickr[/IMG]

    CONTROL TYPE Control Change Number
    Upper Manual Drawbars A/B Switch 49 (can be changed manually from the .dat file)
    Upper Manual Drawbars - SET A 40-48
    Upper Manual Drawbars - SET B 43454
    Lower Manual Drawbars A/B Switch 59 (can be changed manually from the .dat file)
    Lower Manual Drawbars - SET A 50-58
    Lower Manual Drawbars - SET B 21-29
    Pedal Drawbars 16'=33, 8'=35
    Vibrato Type 73
    Vibrato Lower 30
    Vibrato Upper 31
    Percussion On/Off 66
    Percussion Volume 70
    Percussion Decay 71
    Percussion Harmonic 72
    Keyclick Level 75
    Tube Overdrive Switch 67
    Tube Overdrive Drive 76
    Tube Overdrive Edge 78
    Reverb 84
    Rotary Speaker Bypass 85
    Rotary Speaker Speed (Fast/Slow) 1
    Rotary Speaker Treble Horn Slow Speed 81
    Rotary Speaker Treble Horn Fast Speed 82
    Rotary Speaker Treble Horn Acceleration 83
    Rotary Speaker Bass Horn Slow Speed 91
    Rotary Speaker Bass Horn Fast Speed 92
    Rotary Speaker Bass Horn Acceleration 93
    Rotary Speaker Brake 68
    Rotary Speaker Spread 9
    Rotary Speaker Balance 10
    Overall Tone 8
    Expression Pedal 11
    Overall Volume 7