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Build own sample set

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  • Build own sample set

    I see under Classical and electronic organs someone mentioned building own sample sets. Its under thead possibly to add. Is there sites tobtain vertain stops or just buy from a site like Artisan or others?

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    You may have seen my reference to having built my own set of stops to use with j-Organ back in the day when I was using that program to augment a Rodgers analog. Though it has been years since I tinkered with j-Organ, I recall that with that system you can basically pick and choose stops to include in a personal set using samples which are often available for free or very little cost from the program's enthusiasts around the world.

    You decide which stop you want, you download the parent organ, then you gather up the handful of files involved in making that stop, such as the various region files and the primary definition file. It's been too long, and i don't remember what all these files are named. Then you put them all into a "sound font" and an organ definition fille, and load it into the program's virtual sound generator, tweak some configurations, and there you have it. The samples you want will be displayed on your touch screen computer (or use a mouse to select stops). And it's not as complicated as my fumbling explanation sounds!

    That may or may not be what you want to know. But with a number of programs it is probably possible to construct a little ancillary division to add to any existing organ, if that's what you need.
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      The jOrgan mediaWiki page is no longer maintained and several of the links are broken but there is still a lot of links to resources there.
      Grahm Goode's website has a lot of very useful information about creating samplesets from actual sample recordings. It also includes some of his virtual organ creations
      There are also a handful of sites that offer free instrument sample sets (or soundfonts). Sometimes they include organ stops in them.

      For jOrgan, making a custom sample set involves creating a custom soundfont (can be as easy as copy/paste between a couple of open soundfonts) then creating the disposition (user interface and synth) to run the soundfont. One thing to be aware of, when mixing and matching soundfont voices, is the sample flavor. Try to get all of the voices to match or at least be close on the wet/dry spectrum.

      You might also check out GrandOrgue, Hauptwerk, MidiTizer, etc. I'm not as familiar with their capabilities for creating new sample set from existing samples or sample sets but I'm sure it's possible at least for some of them. Some of them don't use soundfonts (.sf2 or .sfz files). They have their own method (and file types and organization) for cataloging and using samples.
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        Thanx for advice