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Running Console and Pedal Board to a computer

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  • Running Console and Pedal Board to a computer


    I am new to this and do have a question. First off, here is my equipment.

    Technics P-50 piano
    Homemade 1 ocatave pedal board (from an old Hammond L-122 and will be attached to a Baysn midi card which is on order)
    Presonus Fire Studio interface
    Macbook air 11 with i7 and 8 gb of ram
    Apple Thunderbolt Monitor
    Hauptwerk Free
    Logic X and Mainstage

    My question is regarding hooking up the pedal board and wondering if I can run it directly the computer using a usb midi interface while leaving my Technics midi connection hooked up the the Pre Sonus. The reason I want to do this is the Baysn midi card has no midi in and for some of the other purposes than organ I need to have my keyboard connected with both midi in and out. As well I would like to assign presets on the Haupterk software to buttons on the Technics (not sure if this is possible, but I suspect it is), but this would not work with no midi in connection. I wonder what ever happened to the midi thru connection. They seem rather non existent these days!


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    I'm not a Mac expert, but you should be able to attach multiple MIDI interfaces to it. They will show up as independent MIDI devices in Hauptwerk's control panel, at least, that's how it works under Windows.

    Allen 965
    Zuma Group Midi Keyboard Encoder
    Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
    Hauptwerk 4.2