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MIDI convert Rodgers Asilomar 780 analogue sound w/t digital matrix console control

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    Since the Rodgers tabs are momentary, if you run the LED wiring through a reed switch, the tab will only illuminate while pressed--unless you plan to alter the tab rail to remove the momentary action. Do you have a plan for latching the data?

    If you run the LEDs off 12V, and use the 470 Ohm resistors, I get 2.55 mA, and that across 10V that results in just over 1/4 Watt. I chose 10V because similar LEDs have a minimum of 2V drop across them (12-2=10). I don't know the exact spec on the Rodgers LED because I don't know what brand they used or the manufacturer part number. I'd recommend 1/2 watt resistors to be safe.


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      Yes, I thought about that when I was making the parts order from Digi-Key, and talked it through with one of the applications consulting engineers. We came up with a toggling latching switch (push on/push/off) that I can use in series with each LED. This is actually better physically too, as far mounting goes. Just above the magnets of the stop-tabs, is a white PVC plastic area, that is the same build material, as the piston of the switches the engineer at Digi-Key came up with. Having PVC ride on PVC will insure smooth operation, and enhance longevity. Since that area of the back of the stop tab is curved a bit, it will allow for the 1-mm travel of the piston of the switches to have a bit of wiggle-room to comply with their need for +/- 5-mm travel tolerance. I might just end up with something almost as maintenance free as Rodgers original design, even if this is a totally different operational concept. The price for 75 of them was only a few dollars more than the non-latching glass-enclosed reed switches. I agree on the 1/2 watt and made the upgrade on my order since they hand not pulled it yet for shipment. They pull most small lot orders on the 3rd shift, so I caught it in time. Thanks for that math. Tremendous help...
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