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Wyvern B-282 Midi Controller

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  • Wyvern B-282 Midi Controller

    Hi all,

    #I have recently purchased an old Wyvern model B-282 with the intention iof using it as a MIDI controller for Hauptwerk. I think it is fab and the midi into hauptwerk is working great. One of the things I am trying to do is plug the audio out from my computer into the audio in of the organ so that the Hauptwerk sample sets play through the internal organ speakers of the B282. This is also working, but if I engage a stop on the organ it plays both the audio from the computer as well as the internal audio of the B282 itself.

    Does anyone know how to access the local on/off control so that I can turn off the local sounds of the organ whilst using the audio in feature? I'm not sure the organ even has a local control on/off option!

    Many thanks in advance

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    Hi, Jumbo -- Welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with these organs, but somebody here probably is.

    I actually have two Behringer monitor speakers sitting on top of my little Rodgers now. They sound much better with Hauptwerk than when I tried the organ speakers. So Hauptwerk is actually sensing the stops on your organ? (My Rodgers stops are multiplexed, so Hauptwerk sees them all as the same one.)
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