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Guitarist that LOVES THE HAMMOND but can only afford a midi Organ Module.

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  • Guitarist that LOVES THE HAMMOND but can only afford a midi Organ Module.

    Hello. I have been playing guitar for years and years and along the way (many years ago) I picked up some keyboard ability. Nothing that will blow you away but I am able to do a pretty decent showing on "Hammond Organ" via its midi-clones. It is just enough to put in some Hammond-Ambiance (my second most favorite instrument) to my recordings and gigs. I am not a Hammond purist for the reasons that it is too costly and physically impossible for me at this point in my life. So that leaves me with reliance on such units as Peavey Spectrum; E-mu B3; Voce micro-B, ETC ETC. I have had the opportunity to gig and record a with real Hammond B3 but those days are behind me now. As I no longer have any of the midi-Clones at this time I am in search of one. If anyone out there knows of any of the aforementioned clones for sale or has any advice about them at all just send it along. Thank you for your time.

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    Software clones, like anything else, are a matter of personal taste. You might like brand X, I might like brand Y. There's also the niggly issue of selling software that's previously been registered. Many software houses won't allow it and you could end up with something that is basically a cracked copy, or one that won't work.

    I'd buy new, and I'd recommend that you check out the (finally, after many years waiting) updated version of Genuine Soundware's VB3. Very affordable, very flexible and sounds great, IMHO.
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      Hello Andyg,

      I appreciate your advice and want to thank you for your reply. However, I am an 'old school' kind of musician and while I do some recording on DAW's I much prefer 'hands on' gear. So I would be looking for an outboard hardware midi-module. I do not want to involve a computer in the chain any more than I have to for recording. I also own and use a Korg SG Rack (which is mostly acoustic and electric pianos) through an older M-Audio Keystation 61 E (which has the physical midi out and not just the USB MIDI OUT). That is why I am looking for the Peavey Spectrum or Voce micro B. Thanks again.


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        I was thinking of getting a Yamaha Reface mini organ and just midi it to my M-Audio Keystation 61 with midi out.


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          HOAX B3 maybe?

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            How about a guitar pedal that turns your guitar sound into a tonewheel organ sound?



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              Hammond Suzuki XM2 (or the earlier XM1)


              They come up on ebay now and then