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Electone HC4 to pc

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  • Electone HC4 to pc

    my father gifted me a yamaha electone hc4 that has midi input and output,i buyed a Midi to Usb cable like this one:
    Click image for larger version

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    but the lights of in and out dont turn on when i plug them to the Hc4,but when i connect the usb to the pc,the usb light does turn on,and the pc detects it but the yamaha doesnt "activate" its midi function.
    and i wanted to ask why is this happening? i wanted to use the electone as a midi controller but i have no luck :(


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    The cable is powered by the USB port so it's normal that the lights don't come until you've plugged it into the computer.

    I don't know enough about the Yamaha midi implementation to help you further except to point out that MIDI cables/jacks are sometimes mislabeled. If they are labeled correctly, the cable marked MIDI In should go to the organ jack marked MIDI Out and the cable marked MIDI Out should go to the jack marked MIDI In. If that doesn't work, try reversing the connections.

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      You need to be aware that it is possible with the cheap midi/usb cables, usually the ones with the clear cable sheath, to have all sorts of strange problems. It was only when I saw a similar warning to this that I tried a branded one (Roland UM 1) at six times the cost, it worked faultlessly.

      I'm not saying that this is your problem in this instance but when you have tried the easy/cheap solutions...…………………

      Good luck!
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        If it's not the case that you've plugged things in the wrong way round, then I'd throw that adaptor in the bin! It's one of the cheap Chinese ones, available with loads of different names, that are not at all reliable and in some case won't work at all. I had one - for a couple of days! Merlinhx has the answer - buy the Roland UM One MkII and it will work!

        You should not need to make any MIDI settings on the Yamaha. It will transmit on channel 1 - upper, channel 2 - lower, channel 3 - pedals, and perhaps channel 4 - solo. Registration Memory buttons will probably send out simple Programme Change messages. I don't think it will do much else, if anything.
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