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  • OrganAssist

    I have downloaded the software for OrganAssist which seems like an amazing sequencer/playback device for the classical organ. Only trouble is I can't get it to recognise all of the midi data from my Viscount Vivace 90. Some stops work but many operate the wrong tab on the actual organ and I can't seem to get the couplers to work. If anyone has any information which might help I would really appreciate it. I have tried emailing David Glover the designer through the website but have not had a response yet so if anyone knows another way of contacting him that would also be good. What an amazing forum this is.

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    Duplicate thread deleted, double posting is not permitted, as it only dilutes replies and makes more work for us when we try to merge multiple threads! This section is where the question belongs. andyg-Moderator
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      I just discovered Organ Assist recently. I had zero problems contacting the author. I didn't have any issues (yet) with actually using the program, I just wanted to run some procedural questions by him. It seems to me that if some stops work they all can. From what I gather a fairly elaborate setup is required when using organs different from the instrument used by Mr. Glover. If you haven't any joy yet, let me know. It may be possible to troubleshoot your lack of progress.