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Content EXP-440/GrandOrgue Midi Sound Problem

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  • Content EXP-440/GrandOrgue Midi Sound Problem

    Hello, bought a Content EXP-440 a couple of months ago and the fellow that sold it to me came and set it upwith a slave amp equalizer sub bass, and gave me a prupose built GrandOrgue Pc specialy made all for the price of the Content. He came and set it all up for me, and it does sound fantastic which all the separte speakers all running through my Hammond XH-200.

    Here is my problem. I have been busy for a couple of months, so haven’t had time to familiarise myself with the system. When I switched it back on I pressed something on the organ and now the sound won’t come through with the Content or the GrandOrgue. I have checked the Hammond manual but I might as well be reading a VCR manual in Japanese.

    I know now how to use my Hammond HX-200 but given I have never needed the midi and am not familiar with the Midi in the first place.

    It was working so I know it all does work, I should have written it all down in the first place, but did not think at the time. When I press the notes on the Hammond keyboard they are coming through on the GrandOrgue as the keyboard on GrandOrgue show when I press them.

    Don’t know if there is an instruction manual with GrandOrgue, the EXP is pretty much simple to work out, and has already been set up by the engineer from the back of the module.

    Also when I moved the sub bass the wires came out of the Mordaunt Short speaker so although I have fitted it back in I am not sure if I have done this right and don’t want to cause damage. It is working on a daisy chain system, can’t check if I have done this right as I cannot get sound through anyway at this moment.

    Also on the GrandOrgue there are 2 jacks, one black, one red, and I think they go into the equalizer, but when I tried I got some whining noises. I would ask the engineer but they would have to come back all the way up from Cambridge and he is busy, plus he has done enough for me already.

    Lastly I would like to add a theatre organ on GrandOrgue, and classical organ with strings. Not paid but free samples if I can get a hold of them. I am not even sure how to add them to GrandOrgue. I have many different stylers of classical organs and harpsichords.

    I would love to play my Hammond XH-200 as it is as well as with external Midi, I know there are 3 buttons on the Hammond for this but they do not allow me to move from the external midi to internal...as far as I know. Any suggestions on that one?

    I am new to using external Midi, and this is a wide field to study, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours very kindly