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Advice on MIDI encoders

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  • Advice on MIDI encoders

    I am looking to convert a Hammond 25 note pedalboard to MIDI and was wondering what experiences members of the group might have had with products? I see that there are three potential choices that come with a ready to go harness and was wondering which might be the more suitable or perhaps flexible.

    The choices offered are:

    mpc32mqh-kit MIDI Encoder
    Pedalboard MIDI conversion kit with Hall switch contact system includes mpc32mq MIDI encoder

    mpc32mqr-kit MIDI Encoder
    32/30/25 key pedalboard kit with reed switch contact system includes mpc32mq MIDI encoder

    mpc32xrs-bundle#1 MIDI Encoder System
    Pedalboard MIDI conversion kit with reed switch contact system includes mpc32xrs MIDI encoder

    There is of course the option of purchasing the encoder board on its own and then a roll your own switch harness.

    For some unknown reason (gut feeling), I have a leaning towards the mpc32mqr-kit MIDI Encoder kit, perhaps it is that I am put off by hall effect switches, perhaps it is because the mpc32mq has been a round longer , or perhaps a combination of both.

    Are there any members here that have used these products specifically and how did your installation and integration work out?

    Thanks in advance for any replies....
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    1965 M102 / 145
    1967 M111A / 330

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    Hello Peter,
    I have no knowledge of the products you mention, but I have purchased from Midi Boutique on three occasions. I have been delighted with their level of support, and been very happy with everything I bought.


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      25% off all their products this week!



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        I have not installed it yet but I have purchased the reed switch kit and enough other geegaws to encode three manuals and associated stop switches and pistons from MIDI Boutique. Reed switches work well enough. I was tempted by the Hall Sensor upgrade, but in the end price and practicality won out. FWIW.