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BK7M usb

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  • BK7M usb

    I'm looking at a usb stick offered on eBay to expand the styles available on my BK7M. It says that there are 18,000 styles which seems a fair package for the price of thirty pounds. Anyone have experience of these non Roland products. Seems too good to be true and I wouldn't want to buy something that may corrupt what I have. No suggestion of course that this product is questionable in quality, just that I would have thought something like this would command a higher price? I bought a genuine Roland usb recently and this cost far more and had much less. Also, how would the 18,000 styles be accessed as only the turn wheel. Be scrolling for a long time!

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    Forget it, they will just a boatload of styles cobbled off the web and other sources then stuck on a USB stick, you will find plenty of duplicates and will be lucky if you can find 10 that you can use. (They used to come on CDs and they were just as bad) Quality Styles take significant time to create hence the reason good ones cost money.
    You will find the same styles available for all manufactures instruments as a lot will have just been badly converted.



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      Bill's probably dead right. Most likely a collection of styles that have been converted from other makes, mainly Yamaha, which has the biggest style base.

      As with all these free styles collection, some are good, some are poor, some are total rubbish. There are around 64,000 Yamaha styles available from sites like PSR Tutorial. I've got what I think are the best of the bunch and some, like 'In the Mood', are stunningly good. Others not so. There doesn't seem to be the same sort of support for Roland instruments.

      I have EMC Styleworks and Style Factory, and have tried converting Yamaha styles into BK7/Atelier format. The styles work but they don't sound that great, even with a lot of tweaking. So any converted styles in those 18,000 you mention are likely to be poor quality, even if the original styles were good.

      There is a proper collection, I think called the Gigabyte Collection, for Roland. I'm sure that someone's tried putting that up on line as it's very pricey but I'm sure Roland would be keen to have it removed ASAP! Lots of styles in it but they just have numbers, not names. With them comes a spreadsheet which collates names and numbers. So you copy them all to your computer, look at the spreadsheet to find any likely style names to try out, edit the numerical file names of those styles to the actual names, then copy them to your USB stick for use with the BK7. Phew!

      Bottom line: I'll repeat what Bill said. Good quality styles take a lot of time to write, so expect to pay a fair price for them. Freebies? Illegal copies or simple conversions for the most part. Just once in a while you'll find someone who will take several styles, merge, edit and fashion them into something really good, or create something great from scratch. But these people are most likely to be creating Yamaha styles.
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        Bill, Andy, thanks very much for advice. Have to agree that makes sense. I had doubts purely by the claim of 18,000 styles as how on earth could they be accessed at the least. I did buy a genuine Roland usb a few months back and that indeed has many styles which are of good quality and synonymous with the BK7M originals so, worth having.
        interesting regarding the download Andy, I'll take a look at that.
        Have to say what a smashing piece of kit the BK7M is and great fun to use. I need to read up on programming so that it changes the voices with the organ presets. I guess this is possible.
        Anyhow, thanks again for advice, as always appreciated.