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Converting Roland Keyboard to Midi

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  • Converting Roland Keyboard to Midi

    Hi there! I've been working on this project very on and off for a couple years, and I have a few questions. Backstory: I purchased a couple of old Roland digital harpsichord keyboards on ebay; they came with the wires but no cpu or midi encoders. I've been trying to find a way to hook them up to a midi encoder.

    Last time I brought this up, a helpful gentleman sent me a wiring diagram he believes is probably similar to how my keyboards are wired, I've attached it below.

    I have this midi controller ( and this diode matrix scanner ( which is supposed to be flexible as to which matrixes it can work with. However, it's not connecting to the keyboards I have quite correctly; some notes are played wrongly and some notes generate no midi response. I believe this is because the keyboards are velocity sensitive, whereas the midi controller is not designed to deal with that.

    My question is, given the probable wiring diagram and the other information, would this product ( help me to make the connection correctly? Any other advice is also welcome! I have pictures of the keyboards in my previous post on them found here: Thank you!
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    My solution for the Roland organ manual was this encoder combined with a board I made available here:

    I cannot be sure this is correct for the harpsichord version but I suspect they might be. If I ever get my hands on one of these harpsichord keyboards I will give it a try. Unfortunately health issues (not mine) have delayed the transfer of a pair of these that I was expecting to have in hand by now.


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      Thank you John! I've sent you an email with some questions, thank you.


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        Here is the encoder and adapter board that we will be trying for the two harpsichord keyboards. If the cables match my connectors we will at least be off to a good start. I may need to do a transpose of the keycodes -- I think the harpsichord is F to F. That's easy enough.

        Click image for larger version

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          Most harpsichords are F to F, but are often alternate key spans. I don't think there is a "standard," but F to F is by far the most common.