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Bohm Silverbird anyone?

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  • Bohm Silverbird anyone?

    I already have a Roland BK7m which imo is a fantastic backing machine and has much to offer. However, one critisism is that it is not easy to mute individual backing parts. Now, I've noticed on eBay, a Bohm Silverbird which appears to facilitate this by way of volume controls. So, has anyone any experience of these and could offer an opinion please? How does it compare sound wise to the Roland and good range of styles? Very limited on YouTube. Thanks.

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    Have looked on EBay and they are quite old models (Pre-Amadeus Sound System) so probably use the Opera 2000 sound system, (Not sure if they can be upgraded to the latest version) have a listen to any Bohm instrument of a similar age and the sounds and styles will be the same, as it is just a single manual version of the Bohm Organ range.
    NOTE: The ones I see on EBay look to be of different ages due to the panel and screen layout, however don’t pay more than £1200 if everything is perfect and push for under £1000 to get the best value. (The pedalboard shown costs around £350 new)



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      Thanks Bill. The item I'm looking it appears much overpriced it seems. Possibly outdated and its only merit being that the voicing may be adjusted individually. If only the bk7m had this, it would in my opinion, be spot on. I shall keep looking, possibly a Ketron would be a better option. Thanks again, Sean