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Adding MIDI to an Allen ADC 420

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  • Adding MIDI to an Allen ADC 420

    I am looking for a way to add MIDI to my Allen ADC-420. I want a system that I can use with hauptwerk on a PC (IE, swell and all three divisions connected to the PC). I am a total noob at how these organs work prior to the audio mixer. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    While there exists an adapter board from Allen that will add MIDI in/out to the organ, it is primitive and ONLY transmits key on/ key off data, nothing at all from the stop rail or expression. Also it is VERY pricey. The good thing about it is that the Allen native voices remain usable when it is installed, so you can have your cake and eat it too. But you may not be interested in keeping the native Allen voices around once you have Hauptwerk or other VPO software up and running.

    So, if you want to start from scratch and install a complete MIDI system that picks up not only note info but also stop tab, piston, and expression info, you'll need to consult with folks here who have done that sort of thing after gutting an Allen console of some kind. The key switches and other hardware are all quite basic and straightforward, so all you need is a proper type of MIDI encoder to take in all that information and send it out as a MIDI stream. I'm sure that several companies offer a ready-made kit for doing just that very thing.

    Once you MIDI the console, then you'll be ready to set up your computer and other parts of the system, along with the audio system you'll need. But I'm not the expert on all this. I trust that someone who is a MIDI expert will chime in and help you.
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      Welcome to the Forum. The Allen ADC series only had note on/note off MIDI implementation. However, the Admin of this Forum has created an adapter card which can be added to an ADC organ, but I'm not sure if it could be used with the ADC-420.

      If you search this particular Forum (Electronic Organs & MIDI), I'm fairly certain you'll find most of your question already answered. Hope this helps.

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