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Chaining up in mono.....

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    Chaining up in mono.....

    No Eurorack needed.Already fit this light aluminum case with the rack ears off and card stock 'skiffs'.
    Room enough for the power supplies,cables etc.
    It's a perfect fit,might as well have been custom made......which it is.
    Both the Neutron and Model D polychain with midi/usb and are true analog.
    Have to keep them away from my performance keyboard stand.
    Motion transfer and analog aren't a good 'match'......they'll stay in tune mounted on foam in this case!
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    sigpic A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/147 BCV/122 M3/145 M102/145
    Various modern keyboards and modules.

    I've tried them on 88 key piano style action,hybrid Nord 'waterfall' Stage style,Nord waterfall 'Electro' style,and of cource the C2D!
    Whatever Fatar I throw at these? Same results,sonic bliss.They like to run for about twenty minutes,then tune them,they are stable after that.
    One 12V/5A brick for each 'sidecar' no PS worries,way less cables......the guitar pedalboard power outlet chains have 5 each.
    One would expect with six analog oscilators per voice some lush solo sounds as well.....key sync? Over the top phat on VCF sweeps!
    A bit of tedium setting it as intended,nice and phat poly sounds,the digital just can't do 'warm' the same.
    If asked ten years ago? Nord and Behringer were off my radar completely.Auditioned the 'Deepmind?' Not for me thanks.
    And still no laptop in sight,perfect! All hardware! Midi cables are about it!
    The available legato,last note,first note,lowest note all key off the A440 switch.Only have to turn on/off poly and it's that easy.
    Ring modulator anyone?,both have external audio ins too......The Neutron chains audio ins as well!
    Am running the Neutron patch panel outs back into the front external ins of the Model D's.Yep,it's audio sweetness!

    Waiting for the ProOne table top to arrive.....if it's anything like these? Will fly off the shelves too.
    Behringer owns and makes the Curtis chips. They make them for others to spec as well.......LOL.
    The labour costs in NC are way more than overseas......10K for a 16 voice Moog One is too much for this punter.
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    sigpic A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/147 BCV/122 M3/145 M102/145
    Various modern keyboards and modules.