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Gutting a MIDI keyboard to extend MIDI functions on my organ

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    Originally posted by guylavoie View Post
    If you're adding a new MIDI signal source to an existing one, don't forget that you need to merge the two. There are devices available for that.
    I'm familiar with daisy chaining MIDI devices. Thanks for the reminder!


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      Originally posted by Silken Path View Post
      Basically, it sounds like he wants to get his expression and the other toe pistons working with MIDI. He'd also like to get the other thumb switches (stops?) working. I'd heard of adding a second pot to an expression pedal. The stops may be scanned like my little Rodgers, and thus unusable. You could add something like a Novation board or X-key strip to add switches without having to modify the organ circuitry. Now this is just theorizing - I've never tried any of this. (I do have a Behringer touch controller that I have used with Hauptwerk. It's fast to switch, but it's unwieldy.) Guys, please correct me if I misunderstood.
      This is exactly what I'm trying to do. You hit the nail on the head.


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        I get lucky now and then.

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      Originally posted by mutti_wilson View Post
      I've abandoned the original organ functions and use it as a MIDI controller.
      OH, well, then the sky's the limit!
      If you want a midi controller, then make a real midi controller out of it. That would start with not only abandoning their original organ functions, but abandoning their midi functions also.

      Because midi requires firmware, trying to add a bunch of switches and controls to an existing midi system is a nightmare and usually far worse than just starting from scratch. The best you can do is run a supplemental set in the same instrument and then merge the two - as was mentioned. I'm pretty sure you don't wanna do that.

      I would gut the entire thing. Maybe leaving the power supply if it had a solid 5V rail at least. And I'm no Praeludium expert, but keeping such items as circuit boards that attach to key switching or stops is also handy in jobs like this. Then you can get a nice deluxe midi kit. $$, but straightforward. Or you can find a midi keyboard. Lots of fiddly bits, but at least things like switch bounce are already done for you. Or you can get out a Raspberry Pi and start breadboarding. Lots of RasPi and Arduino community out there that have been down this road that will hand over code.

      On the good side, now anything can become anything else. Any piston, stop, or pedal can do almost anything else from sound to pan to console light dimming. Feed it off to a PC running VST and samplers and the sounds are just amazing, if you're into that. And there's incredible pipe-organ dedicated sound fonts, too; limited only by your amplification.

      Anyway, could be a real treat.


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        Does the Galanti have a moving stop combination action? If so, it might be worth figuring out if it's possible to modify that system to be controlled by midi.
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          I see that we live just a few miles from each other. My retirement hobby is retrofitting older organ consoles with my own MIDI designs and I can give you a circuit board or two for just the small cost of the Teensy 3.6 which runs it. We can look at the stops as well if you wish to convert them -- possible costs involved in that. Would enjoy discussing the subject in any case. My contact info is on the web site shown below.


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            Thanks, cinnamon! I hadn't noticed that my URL was no longer on the signature line. I'll have to look into that.

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            John Kinkennon Your url was present when I viewed your post yesterday morning (prior cinnamon's comment) and again this morning before your comment. There is a bug in the software where the sig line does not immediately show for the last post in a topic. I believe it's a caching issue as it does eventually appear.