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  • Midi help please

    I'm daisy chaining 2 Yamaha piggero 61 note kybds with a 32 note midi pedalboard then to an ahlborn archive unit. No matter which way I chain them, only one keyboard plays one division on the archive. I'm using channels 1 and 2 for the keyboards and 4 for the pedalboard. Common channel on the archive is 16. Aux channel off.
    what am I doing wrong?
    pedals out to
    keybd 1 in
    keybd 1 out to
    keybd 2 in
    keybd 2 out to archive in
    archive out to
    pedals in
    none of it is usb, the keybd don't have usb, so all 5 pin midi connectors.
    any help appreciated.
    Jesse Hargus
    Portland, OR

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    You say you are daisychaining the keyboards but without a 'Midimerge' device the channel assignments you have made are meaningless. That's my first pass take on the situation given the information supplied.


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      You can daisy-chain midi components that are controlled by something else (as long as there is an IN and a THRU plug on each device).

      You cannot daisy-chain controllers together unless you have some way of making sure all of the midi messages get combined together. There could be a setting in your keyboards to merge midi data received from the IN port on the keyboard with the data generated with the keyboard and send the combined midi data to the OUT port. (I didn't see one in my cursory skim through the users manual and midi manual. Hopefully, I found the right model.) If that doesn't work, the next best thing is a Midi Merge box like Leisesturm suggested. They are designed to take all of the separate midi signals for each of the controllers and combine them into a single midi signal that a computer can process.
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        Thanks very much, I'll get a midi merge box and try again.
        Jesse Hargus
        Portland, OR


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          MIDI ports come in IN, OUT, and THRU configs.

          Anything that appears on the IN port will appear on the THRU port. But it will not necessarily appear on the OUT port. The OUT port is for whatever the keyboard (or device) decides to do with everything.

          So if your kb is set to channel2 and all this data flows IN, then on the OUT port will be the keyboard saying "thank you very much for this data, but today we're playing on channel2". If you had a THRU port, there would be pass-through data appearing there.

          If you have no THRU ports, you have no "daisy chain"


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            It's worth emphasizing that MIDI THRU is not a merge of MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. MIDI THRU is simply a copy of what is being fed to MIDI IN. It's purpose is to allow a single MIDI OUT to feed multiple MIDI INs with the same messages.

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              Hi Jesse,
              I would recommend one of the MOTU MIDI Merge devices. There is the MOTU Micro Lite and the MOTU Micro Express USB which adds capabilities you don't need for the purpose described.


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                Thanks for the additional info, last night I ordered a midi solutions Quadra merge, if it doesn't do it I'll order the motu micro express usb since Amazon has it.
                Hi John!
                Jesse Hargus
                Portland, OR


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                  The MIDI Solutions Quadramerge will do what you want.

                  I have one and use it to merge two keyboards and a pedalboard (same as the configuration that you require)
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                    P.s. John I'm still playing that Johannus pedalboard you midified for me some years back. What a great job you did. It's part of this current setup.
                    Jesse Hargus
                    Portland, OR


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                      Sweetwater Sound (sweetwater.com) is a pro and semi pro dealer of all manner of audio equipment including MIDI (as well as pro and semi pro sound gear and complete systems). They have VERY knowledge sales staff, great inventory and pricing. They could answer all questions about connecting keyboards and appropriate MIDI merge equipment as well.