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  • Rodgers PR-300

    I'm a big fan of this sequencer, wondering if there's an up to date replacement other organists are using. The features I like are the multi tracks, metronome based recording, measure by measure editing and the hands on controls. Etc etc. I use it to learn new pieces, recording each hand and pedals, then playing along to the parts as it plays back through the organ. The floppy drive is aging. If anyone uses a newer device I'd like to know what it is. I see a firm is refurbishing these for around $900, but i also see similar looking devices on amazon for a few hundred dollars.
    Jesse Hargus
    Portland, OR

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    The successor to your PR-300 is probably the Rodgers MR-200 and its Roland counterpart. Even those are legacy hardware and hard to find. I'd love to get my hands on one. I saw two go quickly on Ebay not too long ago. Around $450 each IIRC. I just noticed that you live in PDX. So do I. If you ever want to get your hands on a big(ish) Rodgers let me know.