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Stop Controller for Allen ADC 5400

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  • Stop Controller for Allen ADC 5400

    I am looking at purchasing an Allen ADC 5400 for use with a Hauptwerk setup. The Zuma MIDI stop controller product for Allen ADC organs looks to be exactly what I would need to successfully implement such a project, but I see on their website that they no longer offer the board for sale. Is anyone aware of where this product might still be available? If not, is anyone aware of a project on the market that provides similar functionality, preferably plug and play, or at least without signifiant rewiring that a generic MIDI solution would require? Many thanks!

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    The Zuma Stop Controller became too expensive to manufacture and was discontinued for that reason. The board was designed to have the same form factor and edge connector configuration as the Allen DM capture board it replaced so that it could be installed simply by removing the DM board and plugging the new board in. It's size and five seventy pin gold plated edge connectors made the PCB difficult to source and expensive to manufacture profitably.

    Allen 965
    Zuma Group Midi Keyboard Encoder
    Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
    Hauptwerk 4.2


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      Thank you for your response. That makes sense, I figured the story went something along those lines.

      But returning to the situation at hand: the Zuma board was a plug-and-play solution for these instruments. Is there any product available that provides a similar capability? Or is the only solution to essentially gut the instrument and start over with generic MIDI boards?

      We're talking about one solution that requires one purchase and 30 seconds to install, and without it, several months of hard, detailed, messy work at a significant expense.