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DX7 Yamaha key repair with resin. Please share if you think of value to anyone.

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  • DX7 Yamaha key repair with resin. Please share if you think of value to anyone.

    I just loaded this video on repairing keys with resin and it may be of interest to DX7 owners and other keyboard owners.
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    That’s dedication! Thanks sharing.
    Made my own organs in 1975 and 1981.
    Fender Rhodes since 1982.
    Hammond xm1 midi-module with Solton Bass/Treble Leslie for many years
    Hammond L122 with 1speaker Leslie cabinet since January 2020


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      I agree - that is very dedicated. I've not needed to check for many years now, but I suppose those keys are no longer available new from Yamaha. So if new ones are not to be had, that is a great repair method.

      For a bit of further info, those sharp keys on that generation of Yamaha keyboards breaking in that spot is a sorta well known issue. That is when Yamaha first began putting Aftertouch in their keyboards. So they changed the whole keyboard design to accommodate it, and the key pivots got more delicate.

      The Yamaha FX-1 and FX-20 organs use the same keyboards as the DX-7. When I bought my first FX-1, the owner told me about having broke a number of the sharps when playing vigorously over his years with it. Because of that information from him, I ordered a bunch of spare sharps soon after I bought it. That is how I determined that the FX and DX keyboards are the same. I am pretty certain that I bought them from a music store that did synth repair, rather than an Electone dealer. That was about 17 years ago now, and if my memory is correct, they were under $4.00 each.

      All that being said, I have not actually broken one since I bought my stockpile of them. I guess I do not do whole hand, fast glissando's all that often, which is the usual style that breaks them. But I'm still glad I have them in stock, since I now own several FX and DX series "vintage" Yamahas.
      Regards, Larry

      At Home : Yamaha Electones : EX-42 ( X 3 !!! ), E-5AR, FX-1 ( X 2 !! ), FX-20, EL-25 ( X 2, 1 chopped, 1 not ). Allen 601D, ADC 6000D. Baldwin 626. Lowrey CH32-1. At Churches I play for : Allen Q325 ( with Vista ), Allen L123 ( with Navigator ). Rodgers 755.