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LFO Quarantine

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  • LFO Quarantine

    I've had to place my LFO's in self oscillation...chaining up the VCF's in sync.Bypassed with patch cords all modules that are now hard wired!
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    sigpic A100/251 A100/147 A102/222 B2/147 BCV/122 M3/145 M102/145
    Various modern keyboards and modules.

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    right on! how high can you get them?

    i'm isolating these three immune-compromised characters for their own good. the roland has a spotty ribbon connection, the moog had a blown digital board in the past (power surge, uninsured!) and the clav is just getting up there in years.
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    thread title sounds like a tom waits routine. hrm hmm the LFO's are in quarantine and the VCO's suckin down gasoline the pitch wheel's on a bender and the saw wave sounds like a blender set on an inebriated psychotic neon-grinnin' social roundabout affair. stuck on one tone as if they were a telephone! zoo-buh-do-wah
    Why do fools fall in lava?