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Lowrey L2 with added MIDI

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  • Lowrey L2 with added MIDI

    Hi everyone,

    I’m making a post because I thought someone may find this interesting. So I have an old Lowrey L2 wandering genie and I was able to add MIDI function to it without affecting the functionality of the organ. How did you do this you say?

    Well essentially I took an Alesis Q49 midi keyboard, took the guts out and put it in the Lowrey.

    I found that the keyboard almost perfectly fit under the keyboard of the Lowrey and used 49 of the 50 keys. I took the trigger key/pcbs and mounted them up with computer hardware metal spacers of a certain height and hot glue (forget at the moment) and used sticky felt tape on the underside of the keys to press the triggers. I then had ribbon cable and I think some ide connectors to run the link from the trigger boards to the main audio out boards. Which I mounted and cut holes to access on the backside of the organ. I was also able to mount both pitch and expression wheels on the left side of the keyboard, and the rest of the octave buttons and slider controls up by the other sliders on the organ. I linked these with the appropriate connectors and ribbon cables.

    This project did take time because of cutting and filing all the mounting holes. But, it works well and allows me to use the organs built in sounds and a midi controller to control a microkorg/logic sounds and so on. I can set my microkorg right on top and use it as a 2 tier organ/farfisa/Mellotron/wurly/etc. the midi keyboard also has a sustain pedal plugin so that is nice as well.

    I was also able to add an fx loop to this organ as well.

    If anyone wants to see pictures are wants specifications I can probably get those to you!


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    I'd love to see the pictures and how-to. I have alot of Lowrey TLOR spares too which are identical to many of the boards used in the T2 from what I've read. I run my Lowrey TBO-1 through a Yamaha SPX2000 FX unit - mainly the Symphonic patch which makes it sound like a CS80
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