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copying registrations from HS8

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  • copying registrations from HS8

    Hi every one, I have recently got my MDR3 working with my HS8 and downloaded some performance files from this site.
    http://www.ggbmusic.com/hs8/index.html#Thunderbolt I managed to copy them to HD floppies using an oldish floppy drive and Powershell in Windos 10.
    These files play perfectly on the HS8 which is great but I wanted to save some of the registrations to ram packs for future reference but the HS8 wont let me do that.
    I have tried turning off the MDR3 and the organ but the problem is still there when I turn things back on. I presume the MDR is sending a midi message to the organ disabling this function as I can copy my own reges to and from the ram packs with no problems.
    I f anyone has any ideas I would be grateful for some input.
    Colin Hogarth.