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Problem writing/reading usb device in Electone Stagea ELB-01

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  • Problem writing/reading usb device in Electone Stagea ELB-01

    Hi Everybody,

    I bought an ELB-01, no new, several years ago when I was studyng music. Maybe only once I used the MDR function to save registration into a usb device. I use the instrument very little at year, but recently when I turn it on after the first display "Yamaha Electone ..." appear the message "Connected usb device not responding.", but there aren't any device connected.

    Now when I connect the usb (in any of the two ports) and press the MDR button to save registration the only message in the screen is: in the A-Key "{SONG SELECT}, in the B-Key "I", in the C-Key "(a folder picture) 001: INTERNET", in the D-Key "Enter (in arrow picture)". The only active key is D, when I press it the message is "Confirm the info from Yamaha", and again pressing the D-Key (Enter) get back to the previous message "001: ..."., Not Dial or Page key function.

    Can this be fixed?

    Thanks in advance for your help.