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Your thoughts on the Yamaha CX5M computer series

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  • Your thoughts on the Yamaha CX5M computer series

    What do you think of them? Are they still worth buying?

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    They weren't worth owning in the 80s and IMO less so even now.

    There was a big fight between Yamaha Japan and Yamaha US. US said they were junk, wouldn't sell, and don't make us touch them. Japan said you gotta sell them to be a dealer. So dealers did what they could to pawn these off on the unsuspecting dweeb. The day they arrived, they were far, far behind any other option, including (in those days) Atari, Commodore, Mac, etc.

    As a curiosity, maybe I'd let someone give it to me for wall art. But not much else.
    But then, I'm heavily invested in 6 op FM, so I don't see the draw.