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Roland Atelier AT-30 Midi Pedal Possible?

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  • Roland Atelier AT-30 Midi Pedal Possible?

    Hello. I have an AT-30 I picked up for free. It had the sticky keys but otherwise was working fine. I tried to disassemble and clean the keys, which I did, but I can't get it back together for the life of me. However, I really don't need the organ. But what I would really like is those pedals. The AT-30 has MIDI built in. Is it possible to take just the pedals off the organ and use it as a MIDI Bass Pedal controller? Please say yes and that it isn't hard to do. Thanks - James

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    1) Yes. 2) It's hard to do! Well, OK, not hard but a bit more involved. :)

    You could take them off and wire them up to any one of several boards that will 'read' the pedal contacts opening and closing and convert that into MIDI data. You just have to find the right board - it will have been discussed in this section before now, so have a search and I'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for.
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