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Hammond EXP-100F pin out rqeuest

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  • Hammond EXP-100F pin out rqeuest

    I have just recently purchased a used EXP-100F expression pedal for a reasonable price with the intent to use it in a future MIDI project. There was no information as to what the pin outs on this pedal were (DIN 8 pin) so I partially disassembled to investigate. I find the following connections identified on the internal IDC connector on the small PCB found within:
    EXP-100F internal connectors (IDC Header)
    1 Brown +15 vdc
    2 Yellow G
    3 Red G
    4 White Lamp
    5 Grey footswitch Grey
    6 Blue G
    7 Green Out footswitch Black
    8 Black -15 vdc
    From the lack of components on the board (approx 1/2 dozen), I would guess that there is no MIDI encoding actually taking place at the expression pedal but rather a variable resistance (using an LDR) transmitted up to the keyboard internals, ditto with regard to a momentary switch on the pedal.

    Does anyone have any further information on the connections and or how these things are encoded/decoded?

    Thanking you all in advance.
    pp Pianissimo
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