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Rodgers PR300 with a Rodgers 960 organ

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  • Rodgers PR300 with a Rodgers 960 organ

    I am trying to record what I play on my Rodgers 960 organ to a PR300.

    The PR300 will record the internal synth sounds fine -- but I want to only record the 960 organ.

    Is there a method of recording the organ -- ex: waiting until the PR300 record light stops blinking and then selecting your organ registration -- playing what you want to record -- and then pressing General Cancel when finished. Is there some sequence like this to go through to record the organ. I thought I read something like this a while back.

    Anyway, I cannot get the PR300 to record or playback what I have played on the organ.

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    Hi - have you contacted Noel at Frog Music? He might have a manual for it, or can surely give specific advice. Also, the W5000 manual has a good section on the MIDI implementation that MAY be similar to the 960 - dunno.


    I have never done business with him, but I used to subscribe to the Rodgers mailing list he ran and actually contributed my Roland MT-200 to him so he could use the parts to repair Rodgers units.

    Good luck. I'd love to hear that big organ.

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