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Hammond XK3C, arturia keylab 88 and Mainstage Setup

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  • Hammond XK3C, arturia keylab 88 and Mainstage Setup

    Hello to all,

    I have found this forum to be very helpful in resolving setup issues, that is why I come to you with a question of my own. Thanks in advance for tuning in!

    As the title describes my setup exists of the Hammond Xk3-C organ (in this case, I am just using the upper manual) and the Arturia Keylab 88. Both of these instruments go to MainStage and are linked together for the full organ with a midi cable. I would like to use 4 outputs live, two from the Hammond itself and two from the Scarlett 2i2 (mainstage).

    So here's my problem/case.

    First, I want to use the Hammond upper manual and the Arturia lower manual as a full organ. I did this simply by connecting the midi out of Arturia to the Midi In of the Hammond. This works great on its own. Second, I want to use the Hammond as midi input for mainstage (for clav's, synths etc) for this I have used the midi-usb cable. And third, I want to use Arturia as midi input for Keyscape samples, I do this with the usb-b cable of Arturia. I have a couple of problems with this setup that I was hoping you could help me with.

    Problem uno: I want to be able to switch between these functionalities easily. The problem I have here is that Arturia always sends its midi data through the Hammond. So when I want to use the Hammond as a midi synth and the Arturia as a midi piano/Rhodes, Arturia, which is connected to the Hammond, also sends a midi signal through the Hammond to the synth. I have not been able to split those (even when I assign them different channels in MainStage), any thoughts?

    Problem dos: I don't seem to be able to map the 'Assignable buttons' of the Hammond to Mainstage. I'm not sure if that's just simply not possible or if I'm doing something wrong here. MainStage sees them as midi inputs but does not recognise them as buttons.

    Problem tres: the Preset Keys on the Hammond are mapped on a concert level to Mainstage. I would like to use them to be able to switch between presets, but they don't seem to want to do that for some reason. I cannot change or even block their input, so every time I change a preset on the organ, the entire MainStage goes on a wild goose chase.

    Thanks for listening, I am curious about your thoughts on the subject.

    Oskar Z.

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    Sending everything to your computer and using the MIDI Mapper in Sound Quest's MIDI Tools: Sound Quest SQ Midi Tools (squest.com) to route, change, stop etc. the various MIDI signals may do what you need.