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Rodgers 760 factory installed MIDI

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  • Rodgers 760 factory installed MIDI

    I'm trying to figure out the MIDI on my Rodgers 760. There are toggles on the coupler rail labeled "MIDI 1 to Great", "MIDI 2 to Swell", "MIDI 3 to Pedal"</p>

    I've been able to record MIDI messages onto my computer, however they record as Great = Ch 12, Swell = Ch 13, Ped = Ch 14. Also when sending MIDI to the organ, it always recieves as long as the cable is connected. MIDI toggles seem to not have effect, but they do light when you press them. </p>

    How can I get the couplers working? Is it possible to change the channels the organ sends and receives on?

    Been able to record and play back stop changes, expression shoe changes, and crescendo pedal as it is. Is there any documentation on the SysEx messages for the Rodgers 760?

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    Re: Rodgers 760 factory installed MIDI


    I believe the 760 should have a fairly advanced MIDI system, being a very late analog. You are correct about the channels the organ uses to transmit and receive (12, 13, 14) as that is Rodgers standard even today, and cannot be changed.</P>

    However, the couplers cause the organ to also send on channels 1, 2, and 3, as given for each division. This allows one to turn on or turn off the operation of an external MIDI device such as an expander module. Just about any expander module you buy can have it's receive channels changed with some DIP switches or with software controls. You would set the device to respond to whichever channel corresponds to the manual you want it to play from.</P>

    My experience using a sequencer with a Rodgers has been that it is absolutely the easiest it can be. Just connect the sequencer or computer to the organ'sMIDI out, start the sequencer, then play the organ as you normally would. Everything you do at the console will be recorded precisely -- stop changes, piston presses, movement of expression and crescendo pedals, and of course all keystrokes.</P>

    Then, to play it back, with the MIDI out of the sequencer connected to MIDI in on the organ, just rewind the sequencer and hit play. The organ will recreate exactly what you just did. </P>

    You can probably still order a MIDI manual from Rodgers that gives such info as SysEx messages. I don't know how useful that would be, though, unless you plan to use the 760 as a MIDI controller for a rack of modules or something.</P>

    Hope this helps a little.</P>

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