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Allen Protege and MIDI module XV-2020 (roland)

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  • Allen Protege and MIDI module XV-2020 (roland)

    I have an XV-2020 module and would like to use it with my church's Allen organ. Question - How do I get the pistons programmed to change the program number (instrument selection) I want. I have a Rodgers at home and it specifies MSB - LSB and Program (usually 1-128). However, with the sound module I have an expansion card that goes up to 400 and the notation tells me to use MSB 93 and LSB 8 and then my sound selection...but I don't see how to get MSB and LSB and Program on an Allen. The sound will play directly from the module when Midi stop tab is selected but I want to be able to pop a piston and change sounds and not have to reach for the dial to change a voice on the xv module. Any help is appreciated.</P>

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    Re: Allen Protege and MIDI module XV-2020 (roland)


    I doubt you will much luck getting this module to work seamlessly with the Allen, especially if it is an older Allen.</p>

    The problem is with the MIDI protocol. Rodgers/Roland uses a different SysEx from Allen.</p>

    My guess is you will be limited to playing this module as you have described it.</p>