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Controlling Hammond Sk1 from Alesis VI61MIDI

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  • Controlling Hammond Sk1 from Alesis VI61MIDI

    Reaching out to anyone who understands using a MIDI Controller (no sounds) to play the Extra Voices on the Sk1. I have most of the basic stuff working like note on-off and program change. Problem I'm having is going beyond that. I'd like to control the Extra Voice volume via a knob on the VI61 using CC codes if possible. Also, can the Sk1 accept Mod Wheel and Bend information? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

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    At the end of the manual is the midi implementation/midi information chart that lets you know what midi messages can be read and therefore have to be sent. A quick look reveals you can control expression with cc codes, but it looks like you need sysex messages to control extra voice volume.

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