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    While researching the subject of midifying organs, I came across Frenchman Pascal Leray's website.

    Pascal has a PhD in Information Science and is an organist and an organ builder. As well as a nifty CAS application for designing windchests, he has some developed some very interesting modules for midifying pipe organs and he has an online shop for those.

    Here is a demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhInfcWWsQE

    His website is here: http://pascal.leray.free.fr/index_en.html

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    Interesting that this is the second appearance of electronic tracker touch (velocity sensitive keyboards driving proportional control of pipe chest pallets) that has come up on the forum in the past two weeks. Both are European products, which makes sense since tracker organs are much more prevalent there.

    I wonder if this technology will start to appear in US-based pipe organ relay systems in the future.
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