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Hammond XK1c keyboard split functionality

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  • Hammond XK1c keyboard split functionality

    I play a Hammond XK1c with a Nord piano connected via MIDI, The piano acts as the master controller, so I can layer the sound of the organ with that of the piano. My problem comes about when selecting Split (button) on the XK. Unfortunately, this split functionality does not carry over to the piano.
    For example; When playing the piano (with Split enabled), I can only play either the Upper OR Lower sections of the organ (with each covering the entire range of the keyboard). Is there any way to replicate the XK split to the piano keyboard? I have looked at using External Zones in the XK manual, but cannot figure out how to accomplish what I need. Any help or tips are appreciated!

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    When you split the SK it will transmit the note rangers on separate channels, therefore so long as the connected keyboard is not set to receive on all channels, then you will have 2 different sounds (Depending on what is selected for that channel) with the SK key ranges playing just those notes on the connected keyboard.



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      I think what Bill is trying to say is that the behaviour you are experiencing is exactly what is expected. When you push a key on your Nord piano, it sends a midi message, and depending what channel that message is in, it will sound a pre-defined note on the XK1c (according to its Midi configuration). If it sends on the channel of the Upper, you will get the Upper, and Lower, you will get the Lower. Therefore, to get the behaviour you desire, you will have to split the keyboard on the Nord, with the top sending one Midi channel, and the bottom sending another (if possible).

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