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  • Portamento in jOrgan

    Hi all! I've recently been building my own jorgan disposition (I finally decided to sit down and figure it out) and so far the software has been wonderful! I was wondering though if anyone was ever able to implement portamento with jorgan? I'm having fun by using a standard soundfont to hook a literal orchestra to my organ and I thought that portamento would give it a nice effect.

    Thank you!
    Mason Jones

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    A literal orchestra? Which one are using? The Boston Symphony? New York Philharmonic? Is the orchestra content to be bowed, plucked, blown and fingered at your whim?

    I'm not sure what the musician's union will have to say.


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      Sorry, I phrased that pretty terribly 😃. I am combining many standard sound fonts of orchestra sounds to use in jOrgan. Instead of using samples of pipes imitating specific instruments, I'm using samples of those instruments themselves.


      • tbeck
        tbeck commented
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        Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

        Where did you get your orchestral samples?

      • Mason Jones
        Mason Jones commented
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        Well, it's far from complete and I'm still looking for better samples, but so far I have: String of Emu Mixed, Timbres of Heaven, VSCO-2, and Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra :)